Unfolding Bible Prophecy

Daniels Statue
Daniels Statue
Daniel interprets the dream of King Nebuchadnezzar which lays out the major world powers for the next 1100 years.
Daniel Chapter 8-9
God gives Daniel a 70-week prophecy predicting the coming of the Messiah. He would be the King of all Kings and bring in everlasting righteousness.
The Beast
Daniel Chapter 7
God gives Daniel a vision of 4 coming kingdoms that will rule the Earth. Who were these kingdoms, and how does this apply to us today.
Daniel Chapter 8-9, Part 2
It's the longest prophecy in the bible, 2,300 prophetic days or 2,300 literal years. The bible predicts the coming world powers. God is truly more involved with our world than we realize.
America Almost not
Here’s a neat story of God and man working together to birth a nation. Did you know that the early American settlers were almost wiped out before the US ever became a nation.
The Little Horn
The Little Horn
So who is the Little Horn? The bible gives us very detailed information about him as he plays a major role in world affairs. If we can put together the time line and look at the attributes of this Little Horn, we might be able to determine who he is.

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The Little Horn
The Little Horn, Part 2
Let's go over the 12 descriptions of the Little Horn from scripture and see if anyone matches that description.
judges Gavel
God's Judgment Begins
The bible is very clear that when the prophecies in Daniel end, God's judgment will begin.
Revelation the first seal
Revelation, The First Seal
The lamb open the first seal and a White horse appeared and the rider had a bow in his hand.
Revelation 2nd seal
Revelation, The Second Seal
The lamb open the second seal and a Red horse appeared and the rider had a sword in his hand.