Heaven and Hell are Real Places

A Tour of Heaven
Over the last 20 year Katt Kerr has been taken to heaven many times because God wants us to know that heaven and hell are real places.
Heaven is Real
In these last days God wants people to know that both Heaven and Hell are real. Gary Wood died and went to Heaven.
Hell is Real
In these last days God wants people to know that both Heaven and Hell are real. Bill Wiese is taken to Hell to provide a testimony that Hell is real place. God doesn't send you there, you send yourself by rejecting God while living here.
Bill Wiese testimony of Hell
Howard Pittman Placebo Story
Howard, a baptist minister, tells his story of dying and being in outer darkness, at the last moment, he calls out to God, and after being escorted to heaven by an angel, gets a second chance. God sends him back with a message for the church.
Howard Pittman testimony

What is God up to?

The Prayer Movement
In 1983, the Prayer Movement was super-naturally started by God.Understand where God is going with this so you can get lined up with Him.. More....
1983 Mays Surpise Comet
Revival and World War III Coming
On Aug 8th, 1975 Bob Jones had a hemorrhage, died, and went to heaven. He met Jesus and was sent back with two angels who informed him of future events. More....
Bob Jones

Vision of End Times
Paul Cain is a respected prophet and has been serving the Lord his whole life. God has given him a repeating vision concerning the End Times. More.....

paul cain
America, Invaded but not Conquered
In 1777 George Washington receives an angelic visitation. The angel shows him that he will be victorious over the British but there are two more wars to come. More.....
George Washington
A Revival Coming
Just as Smith Wigglesworth was dying, he was shown a vision of a coming revival.. More....
Smith Wigglesworth
God's Plan
God has a plan. He’s going to create a perfect eternal society where He gets to live with us and be our God. We get to be his kids, his family. Imagine that, having the God of this universe being your father and Jesus being your King forever. More...
God's Plan

If you're real interested in Prophecy,
check out these articles:

The Little Horn, Antichrist
So who is the Little Horn? The bible gives us very detailed information about him as he plays a major role in world affairs. If we can put together the time line and look at the attributes of this Little Horn, we might be able to determine who he is. More....
The Little Horn