Angels and Demons are Real



You've been born into a spiritual war zone, Angels are Real, Demons are real and they're battling over the souls of men. After God created man, many of the angels became envious of man's position before god and rebelled against Him. These angels became demons and will now do anything they can to stop people from following God.


In case your wondering what the rest of the angel picture looks like, this picture was taken by an automatic camera device that would sense the presence of an animal. The owner of the property was trying to figure out what was happening on his land. This angel picture showed up in his camera. Angel in the woods

Want to see a picture of God?

This picture was taken at a bible camp. Everyone who stepped by the barn was filled with the Holy Spirit and could feel the presence of God. One of the girls at the camp felt prompted to take a picture of the barn. She thought this was silly as the barn was not the most photogenic barn she's ever seen. To everyone's surprise, when they developed the pictures, this fire showed up on film. The fire was not visible with the naked eye, but the camera picked up what was there in the spirit.

The Bibles says that God is a consuming Fire.

Fire of God

Angel Videos

A Real Angel_(360p)

A Real Angel

Here's a video of an angel showing up in a shopping mall.

Angel caught on tape changing dimensions on mountain_(360p)

Angel Spotted

An Angel shows up on top of this hill and takes off with a burst of light.

ANGEL SUPERHUMAN Teleportation caught on CCTV in China__(360p)

Angel Teleports a man to save his live

Real transportation video monitroing street traffic catches an angel showing up to save a man's life from certain death.

MAN CRUSHED BY SEMI-TRUCK, SAVED BY REAL ANGELS_(360p)Lightbox for Video by v2.1

Man Crushed by a Semi is saved by two angels

His body was crushed by a semi to about 1.5" thick. He actually died right there on the spot, but two angels showed up, one on either side of his body and he was sent back into his body.

Angel Pictures

Many times angels will show up as orbs in a picture. It's strange because the angels don't look like orbs in real life, but the camera picks up their presence. It probably has something to do with the light.

Angel_orbs Angel_orbs2 ANGEL-ORBS-BALI-3 lightbox jqueryby v5.9

There are also just as much proof for demons. I don't care to give them any press here, but you can tell the difference as the Angles are filled with light and the demons are filled with darkness.


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