Friends of God

Spirit of Meekness

Mat 5:5 Blessed are the meek (broken), for they shall inherit the earth.

Meekness can be defined as broken. It’s just like a breaking a horse. At first all that horse wants to do is throw you off his back. He likes his freedom of running around with no restrictions and has no plans of being led by bit and bridle. It’s only after he submits to the master’s hand that he finds closeness and friendship by listening to the masters voice.

We’re the same way. No one signs up to be broken. No one finds it pleasant at the time. The Lord looks to and fro and it’s only the special ones that he decides to break. Understand that he doesn’t want to loose a single soul and many who are casually following the Lord would not make it through the process.

God is the potter and we are the clay. It’s only softened clay that’s used by the potter, so the first thing the potter does is prepare the clay. In real life that means that your world is crashing in around you. You ask, why is someone so willing to follow the Lord having so many troubles.

Granted we are all different, so your list will probably look a little different from this one, but God will bring you to the end of yourself so he can take over. In this way when he does show up, you give all the glory to Him.
Consider Moses, he knew that his calling was to deliver his people out of slavery, but at first he tried to do it out of human strength. After 40 years in the wilderness, he came out as the meekest man on the face of the planet. Meekness, meaning broken, allowing the master to lead. He moved in the power of God like no other. He gave the controls of his life over to God and let God call the shots.

Now if God shows up while we’re still operating in our own human wisdom and strength, we tend to take credit for it ourselves and our final condition is worse off than when we started, but if we have come to the end of ourselves and freely move over, and give God all the controls, all the glory for whatever happens goes to God and we remain humble and thankful. Our Lord gets to call all the shots, we are just so happy to be by his side.
Only God can make people right. Only melted gold is minted. Only moistened clay accepts the mold. Only softened wax receives the seal. Only broken, contrite hearts receive the mark as the potter turns the wheel. Oh Lord, give us that blessed state where we are perfectly and wholly made meek.

            Smith Wigglesworth

Mat 5:5 Blessed are the meek (broken), for they shall inherit the earth.

The meek will inherit the earth because they will be with Jesus as part of his ruling government over the earth, not because they are special but because they have put the needs of others before their own.

Remember the horse in the pen. What he didn’t know was that he was being trained for a very special task of pulling the Kings chariot. It’s only those who are willing to follow the Master in full obedience that get picked for such a special task.

One truth that will empower us is that God is trustworthy. He always has your best in mind. He doesn’t bring sickness or disease, but delivers us from our enemies and out of our own darkness. Even when you don’t understand what’s going on, you can trust him that he has your best in mind. When you get to the other side of the tunnel, you’ll understand what God was doing all along.

During my lifetime I’ve been knocked of my horse a number of times. Many moons ago when I was in my young 20’s I fell in love, but the relationship didn’t work out. I was crushed, not knowing how to handle it I turned into a spiritual Rambo praying 4 hours a day against all the powers of darkness in my city. It was like climbing a mountain up a sheer cliff through will and determination, grinding it out. Well I think I attracted about every spare demon in the city and all they did 24/7 was tell me that God didn’t care about me. I sunk further into depression and got so low that I would have to shout up to get to the basement. There was no way out. It was a dark tunnel of depression, all I needed to know was that God loved me. I kept climbing the mountain, but where was God. I finally couldn’t take it any more as the demons were relentless and I let go of the rope, falling backwards off a sheer cliff off the mountain. What would happen, would I even be able to follow God. Where would I end up? I didn’t know.

As it turned out I fell flat on my back in the loving hands of my God. He wasn’t looking for me to perform, he wasn’t looking for me climb this mountain through sheer determination of my will. He wasn’t looking for me to battle all the spiritual powers of darkness over my city. I found myself in the loving hands of my daddy. I was surrounded by a tent of God’s love. I could sense it, I could feel it. It was almost so tangible that you could touch it. I was a weak broken vessel and the only way out of this dark tunnel of depression was to learn how to love. Love makes the world go around and love is the only thing powerful enough to bring someone out of depression. All of a sudden, the simple things in life were important, like showing love to your son or daughter and spending time with them.

Encounters with God are possible. In fact, He wants us to have encounters with Him so it’s ok to ask for them and wait for them. Yes, I was crushed and broken, but God had another foundation stone that needed to be set in place. All of my motivation and reason for being here is to learn how to love. God knows that we’re weak, we don’t know that we’re weak. It’s ok, that’s why he wants to help us. Being in a needy place is a good place as we continually need to go to god for help and support and he’s always there to help. Take note, that God did not show up when I was operating out of my own human strength. It wasn’t until I was flat on my back that God showed up.

My relationship with God is entirely different now. He’s my daddy and I love hanging around with him. He so cool. One time our family went to the local gardens and browsed through all the flowers. That night I was dosing off and had a dream of me being in that garden with a lot of other students. We all had clip boards and should have been writing down our questions. I decided to surprise god, so I wrote “I Love You” on the piece of paper, folded it up and put it in my pocket. I then pulled it out of my pocket and opening it up really fast I shouted, “I Love You” All of a sudden I was flying through space as my daddy was throwing me around like you would a little kid through space. I could see all the stars as I was flying around. His hand was so big that it went from my chest all the way down to my legs. I felt so secure as I was flying though space, that God could have done anything to me. Perhaps throw me a little faster through the stars or something. I reached down and touched his hand, his finger was bigger than my chest, and it was so eternal, so solid, so big, like wow. This is my daddy. He really loves me and he loves you too. He’s pulling for us. He knows we’re in spiritual darkness and the only way out is to say Yes Lord, come into my life and bring me into your light.