Friends of God

Poor in Spirit

Mat 5:3 Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Another word for poor is needy so we could translate this verse as, Blessed are those who find themselves needy for God, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to them.

There’s a place in our soul that’s just incomplete without Him. It seems like nothing in this world will satisfy it. So let’s get our eyes off this physical realm and get in touch with the Spirit of God within us.

When God’s Spirit comes in as the ruling, controlling power in our lives, He gives us God’s revelation of our inward poverty and shows us that God has come with one purpose: to restore us into proper relationship to Him. Being needy for more of God is a good place to be. The Holy Spirit reveals our inward sinfulness and how helpless we are without him. The battle between the old nature and the new nature rages within us until we come to a point of helplessness in saving ourselves. We walk around with veils on saying, God where are you? I can’t do this.

The Holy Spirit was sent to be our councilor, teacher, comforter, and guide, but it seems like the connection to Him is only made when we humble ourselves and become “Poor in Spirit”. Poor means needy, and needy is a good thing, so we humble ourselves and say, God I need you with a desperate cry. My lamp is empty, my soul is empty and I’ve come to get more of you in me.

I travel for a living and one time I was in Maine. I just arrived at my hotel and if you’ve done any travel you’ll know that hotel rooms are totally boring. I didn’t want to turn the TV on as it doesn’t normally lead to a good place. I became distressed in the depravity of my own soul. I started to reach out to God in total anguish, I said, “God I need you. Some way somehow I need to connect with you”. I started to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit, then I got more desperate, I started crying, God, don’t leave, I need you, don’t leave. All of a sudden, all the lights went out, the room went black and I was flat on my back on the bed with the weighty presence of the Lord filling the room. It was so weighty that, there is no way of moving. I could barely breath. You’re plastered to whatever you’re laying on. In this case, it was the bed. Then I reminded God of how much I feared and respected him as I could be turned into powder at any moment.

My mind was totally confused, is it just my hotel room that went black or is it the whole hotel, or is it the neighborhood. I had no idea, but I think I heard some people going down the hallway looking for lights so I believe the whole hotel went black.

The presence of God was so strong it was like electricity energizing every cell in my body. I just lay flat on my back enjoying the presence of god. About an hour later, the glory lifted, and the lights came on at exactly the same time. There’s no doubt that god was responsible for the power failure. The time was so intimate it felt like I was cheating on my wife. I asked God about the power going out. His was response was, I just wanted to romance my bride a little bit, so I turned the lights off. When god turns the lights off the whole hotel goes black. Wow, talk about feeing special, god knows how to lift us up over our circumstances.

You don’t have to turn all the lights off to sense the spirit of the Lord. Many look for the connection around us, don’t look around you, it will be in you. I’ve spent years looking into the heavens and waiting for God to place a thought in my head, when I should have been connecting with God through the spirit he placed within me.

Your mind is a tool God has given to you to use but many are lead and guided by their intellect. As son and daughters of God we are instructed to be led by the Spirit of God.

Rom 8:14 Those who are led by the spirit of God are sons of God.

Bill Johnson said it best, “The mind is a wonderful servant but a terrible master”. If you continue to rationalize things out through logic, you’ll find yourself being led by your mind. We were created to be led by our spirit and the mind needs to submit to the spirit even if you don’t understand it.  When the spirit of God doesn’t line up with our understanding and we believe God is telling us to do something, it’s called faith. So slowdown and don’t rationalize everything out. Get in touch with the Spirit of God within you. One major thing to note is that God will never tell you to do something outside or not in line with the Word of God, so it’s important to know the Word of God. Look within, I believe we call this meditation so meditate on the Word of God.

If the baptism of the Holy Spirit means anything to you, it should bring you to the death of the ordinary, where you are no longer putting faith in your own understanding but, conscious of our own poverty we become yielded to the spirit. It is then that your body becomes filled with heaven on earth.

The Holy Spirit is living in us. He never calls attention to himself as He’s there to reveal the Father and the Son. Getting in touch with the Holy Spirit is like being revitalized from the inside out. You’ll feel at peace, fully revitalized, empowered, and refreshed.

You can’t manipulate or control god. If you’re walking in your own power he won’t be there, but if you surrender and say God, I need you, he shows up. It all has to do with our final destiny. We’ve been created in the image of God and adopted into his family. One day we’ll be walking in heaven and our connection with God will be so close, that the answer to every question will arrive before we're done asking the question. We’ll be in control of our own actions, but we’ll still have the spirit of god in us. Each one of us will be a unique expression of god’s family. The goal here is operate with both you and God in the same body. It allows you to check with dad to see if our actions as still lining up with him.

Everyone has their own will and we’ll always be allowed to make our own choices, but when you get to the place where God gets to call all the shots. You’ve made this decision because we’ve been living in poverty and He is so trustworthy. He does a lot better job of running our life than we could. Christianity is life of adventure and God tends to bring in more adventure than you could even dream of. God is for us, not against us. He’s more willing to heal and bless than we are willing to ask. He knows that we’re living on the edge of hell every day, that’s why we need him every day.