Friends of God

New Nature

When you say Yes to Jesus, be my Lord and King, something supernatural happens. There’s a transfer from the Devine into our mortal bodies and we receive a New Nature. It’s something that no one can take credit for nor no one can produce. All of a sudden we want to please God and do what’s right.

People from the outside are looking in and think that you’re trying to produce this by following a law or submitting your will to it. They’re clueless to the reality that a new creation has just been born.

2 Cor 5:17 Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!  All this is from God…

Some people look for miracles signs and wonders, but receiving this new nature is the biggest miracle in the universe. Even angels look with amazement into such things. How can someone who’s going in one direction, full of selfishness and deceit turn and go into a completely different direction. The secret lies in what just happened in the Spirit. It was the Spirit of Adoption that just came into our mortal bodies and covered us with the love of the Father. The Spirit of God is now in us. The two have become one. The Devine mixed with the mortal to come up with a New Creation.

1 Cor 3:16 Don’t you know that you yourselves are God’s temple and that God’s spirit lives in you
Col 1:27 …Christ in you the hope of Glory…

Notice it says Christ in you which is nothing less than the Spirit of God in us doing a work that we can’t do. That’s why it’s our hope. God shows us our failures and frustrations and when we finally come to the end of ourselves and realize that we can’t change ourselves, God says, just give it to me and I’ll take care of it. So we exchange our mortal nature with the Devine and all we can do is praise God. He did it again.  Sometimes our mind is wondering what just happened because we don’t understand it. That’s OK, this is normal Christianity, we should be led by the Spirit of God first and after we say Yes to Jesus, God provides the understanding of what just happened.

It’s a new desire to please God. We are creatures of desire so whatever desires we allow in our life will ultimately control us. Our desire for God is on the increase and everything else needs to take second place. This is a life-long process. What amazes me is that God knew what he was getting into. I was the one that didn’t know how far I was from God. When the time is right, God shows us something that’s going on in our life. At first, we try to change it, sometimes we can by learning the truth of the matter and other times we get stuck. In either case, if we keep God as the desire of our life, somehow he’s going to get us there.

Satan’s biggest weapon against us has always been our own sin, but God disarmed the devil by providing a sin sacrifice through the death of Jesus. The chief weapon was taken out of the devils hands. He can’t make a case against us. In fact, he’s been thrown out of court. The judge has acquitted us.

We have entered into a blood covenant with the Lord. The blood on the cross paid the price for our sin, but it also does something else. Did you know that when you enter into a blood covenant with someone you become one with that person. When the blood from two different people mix together it becomes one, no one can separate it.

Now think back to when Jesus said that unless you drink my blood and eat my flesh you have no part in me. In the old covenant, we were forbidden to drink anyone’s blood, doing so would make you one with that person or animal. Whatever that person carried would now be in you. Many left Jesus as they could not understand what he was saying. They felt like he just fell off his rocker. But Jesus was establishing a new covenant, one that brought oneness and agreement with God.  When we enter into the New Covenant with God, we accept the work of the cross and the blood of Jesus runs through our body to cleanse us from our old nature. We become one with God.

The co-mingling of blood brought the two lives together. It’s a common life between two friends. The giving of blood is the giving of that life as a ransom for sins. When we receive the blood, we receive the life of God. It’s the Devine exchange. That’s because the life of a person is in the blood. It’s not just essential to have life, but it is the life. Blood makes us alive by bringing nutrients and oxygen to every organism in our body. It’s essential as it carries and imparts life to everything it touches. Having the blood of Jesus in us cleanses everything it touches.

A blood covenant is blood friendship, or the intermingling of lives to form a tie or union. When you share the same blood, you share the same nature.

Hallelujah, a New Nature through the blood of the lamb.