God's Plan

Gods Plan

G od created us to be with him
O ur sins separate us from God
S ins can not be removed by good deeds
P aying the price for sin, Jesus died and rose again
E veryone who trusts in Him alone has eternal life
L ife with Jesus starts now and lives forever


God created us to be with him

God has a plan. He’s going to create a perfect eternal society where He gets to live with us and be our God. We get to be his kids, his family. Imagine that, having the God of this universe being your father and Jesus being your King forever.

The city and country side will be perfect in every way. It will be beautiful with rolling mountains, crystal clear streams, beautiful plants, trees, and flowers on every side. The smells and fragrances will be out of this world. The people invited here will also be well behaved. They will have learned to treat each other with love and respect. They will not harm, steal, or destroy. They will be a people of good character, well behaved, and perfect in every way. Imagine a perfect society where you can be friends with everyone because no one’s going to hurt you. You’ll live forever, being able to meet new people and develop new friendships continuously. You’ll meet people from different cultures and time periods. Image sharing stories of what it was like when living on the Earth in your time. You’ll have direct access to God being able to ask him any question you wish and get an immediate response.

Jesus will be the King. He knows how to rule. He will be a friend and a King. All the decisions will be for our good. He can not be persuaded otherwise. Sometimes we will not understand the decision but we know we can trust him. People will still have their freedom of choice to do what they want, so the qualifications for entry here are a little different. So where is the path that leads to this life?

God has given us one lifetime on Earth to make one decision; do you want God as your Father, and Jesus as your King? Only those who cry out in their heart and say yes to this question will be allowed to enter. Houston we have a problem. How can anyone be trusted with such a great gift? Only those who have passed the tests of this life will be able to enter. That’s why a decision needs to be made, a stake placed in the ground. Will I, can I, could I surrender to the new coming King? Everyone in this kingdom obeys the King.

Our sins separate us from God

God also has another problem. He is a righteous God and a righteous Judge. Sin will not go unpunished. The society in Gods world is perfect. There is no crime. Anyone who disobeys and does anything to hurt or harm anyone else is cast away and expelled from God’s perfect society. When the angels rebelled they were thrown out of Heaven. God is a good judge. Good judges lock away those who do wrong.

So God prepared a place for those unwilling to submit to the King. It was a place without God, a dark place where the only light comes from burning flames of fire. He’s not involved there, it’s the place he places all those who have rejected him. Since God has decided not to violate our freedom of choice everyone who lives on planet Earth is free to decide if they want God in their life.

It was not his desire to have this place and he’s hoping everyone would understand that He loves us and doesn’t want to send anyone there, but he created us with freedom of choice, the ability to love and to hate. God has no choice; all who break the law will be punished.

So God decided to tell the people on the Earth what his standards were. He chose a nation of people and He told that nation that He wanted to be their God and live with them. He told them what his standards were as he provided his law through Moses. The people he chose rejected him, so being a righteous God, he had to punished them by bringing an army to destroy them, but he was unwilling to give up on the hope of being with his creation he loved so much, so he saved a few of them and started over again.

Sins cannot be removed by good deeds

Would God allow the people of this world to make up for their sins? Perhaps he could weigh the good and the bad out and let the people do good things to make up for the bad choices they made. If he did this he would no longer be a good judge.

The angels in heaven were looking down. They can see God for who he is, and they were there when some of the angels revolted and rebelled against God. They know God as a righteous God, they were there when God judged between them and threw a third of them out of heaven. They know that God judges righteously and sin will not go unpunished. So how could God allow a rebellious people to be here in this perfect place?

Could God create two different standards and somehow overlook the sins of the people on Earth. A fallen angel called Satan continually pleaded his case saying, you judged me and threw me out. These people you placed on Earth have done the same thing. You must judge them too. No one had an answer. All have sinned, no one is righteous. It looks like this people God created would be forever separated from his presence.

Paying the price for sin, Jesus died and rose again

God said, I have a plan, I will pay the price myself. Only someone who is sinless could be deemed worthy to pay the price, for if they have sinned themselves the death they receive would be for the price of their own sins. It must be a man as I have given the Earth to man and even though I reveal myself to them I will not show up as a powerful God as I will not violate their freedom of choice. They must come to me through a choice.

I will go myself and show the people who I am and what I’m like. I will show them how much I love them. Perhaps they will be persuaded to change the course of their life and follow me. I will send my Son, He will be their King and I will be their Father. I will reveal myself as a loving God and righteous judge at the same time.

Jesus was born. He showed us what God is like. He said, If you have seen me, you have seen my father in heaven. He died a sinner’s death on a cross and the sin of the world was placed on him. He went down to hell, but the chains of hell could not keep him there. When Satan the accuser tried to hold him there, He said, I have done nothing wrong. I have not sinned and am not worthy of death. Your chains can not keep me here. Jesus received the keys of Hell and death and preached to those in prison. He rose from the dead showing the people of this Earth that eternal life does exist and our God is merciful not wanting any to perish.

Everyone who trusts in Him alone has eternal life

Jesus said, I am the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the father except through me. He said, If you believe I am who I say I am and believe in me, you will have eternal life. So what does believe mean? It means to trust in, cling to, and hang on to.
Peter said, Repent and believe in Jesus for the forgiveness of your sins. We must repent and have a change of heart to the sins that have kept us in chains. Only God can do this, we cannot. So if we cry out to God and ask him to change us, create a new desire within us. Since I do not know the way, I will trust you to show me the way. I will keep my eyes on you and come to you on a daily basis. I want to develop a friendship with you. I want to be your friend. Could you make the changes in me that I cannot make.

We are saved by faith, believing that if I submit to Jesus, and hang on to him, somehow he will get me there. The impossible will become possible. 

Life with Jesus starts now and lives forever

How could he possibly take a people bent on their own selfish desires and change them enough for entry into this beautiful eternal place. God says, I will come down and change their hearts. I will live in them and change them as they allow me to. I will give them life and show them the way. I will prepare them for eternity with me. I will be their God and they will be my family, my sons and daughters. I will be their father.

God is going to take the Earth and restore it back to its original state like we had in the Garden of Eden. He is going to show the people of the Earth that Heaven exists and that he is deeply concerned over the affairs of men on the Earth. So why don’t we see this now. It’s because the Earth was given to man to rule and reign. He will not take back or reverse the authority that he’s delegated to man. He will wait for man to invite him to come. When enough people are asking for him to come, he will come back and rule and reign like he promised. He’s going to unite the two worlds together; the angelic world with this physical human world. Both will be one together for all eternity.


Last Updated: Nov 26, 2010