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On Aug 8th, 1975 Bob Jones had a hemorrhage, died, and went to heaven. He met Jesus face to face as there were two lines there; One going to everlasting destruction and one leading to eternal life. Bob was observing the people in these lines. On the side leading to destruction, the people were dressed in whatever they worshipped as their God. If it was money, they were dressed in money, if it was drugs, there were dressed in drugs. One thing was clear to all who were in that line. It was too late to turn. Yes, all of them had heard of Jesus but ignored or mocked those who trusted in Him for their salvation. Now it was too late. They were headed towards a black hole with no return. For all eternity they would be forever separated from God.

Those in the line leading to eternal life met Jesus at the front of the line. He would ask each person if they learned how to love. Each person in that line knew the Lord. Some had many angles with them. Bob asked, “Why does this person have so many angles with them”? They replied, “These angles helped this person accomplish many things, so both the person and these angels have a testimony”.

When Bob arrived to the front of the line, Jesus welcomed him, but said, “Bob, your time has not yet come. You died prematurely. I would like to send you back to prepare the Earth for a harvest of a billion souls”. Bob replied that he didn’t want to go. People rejected him on Earth and he was glade it was over. So Jesus asked Bob to look at the people in the other line. “Bob, if you can look at these people in the other line and still not want to go back, I won’t make you go back”. So Bob looked at the people in the other line and he saw the expression on their faces. They were terrified with no hope. They rejected the Christ and they were facing eternity separated from God. So Bob agreed. He said, “If I can go back and help save one more person it will be worth it.

So Jesus sent him back with two other angles. On their way back the angles showed Bob a vision. He saw the United States and there was a brilliant nuclear like explosion filled with dazzling crystal light in the heart of the country. They told Bob that God has chosen Kansas City and God has chosen the Midwest. The explosion was symbolizing Holy Spirit power birthed from a movement of prophetic and intersession that would come out of this area and it’s going to touch the entire Earth. It would be a movement of young people. They would fill stadiums. They would fill Arrow Head Stadium. There were open heavens over these areas.

He also saw that Kansas City would become a city of refuge and several others were being set up. Bob asked the angels, what are these cites of refuge. The angles told Bob that there will be another World War, like World War III and these cites of refuge will be needed. There is coming a great famine in all the Earth. He’s going to raise up Kansas City as a physical and spiritual breadbasket. On the East Coast there will be limited nuclear exchange during this war.

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