A Touch from God, Miracle Stories


Does God still heal today? The answer is undeniably, YES. In recent years God has been pouring out his spirit and touching thousands of people. If you start doing searches on YouTube or the internet you'll find countless testimonies of God touching and healing people everyday.


Christian's Knee Gets Healed

Christian hurt his knee and asked for prayer. Steve told him that they would pray for him the following week. First go to the doctor and get it examined. The doctors report was that he had ligament damage and that surgery was required. He was on crutches for two weeks before he received prayer.


Healed of Ulcerative Colitis

This young lady suffered from an ulcerated Colin. Doctors wanted to remove the Colin, but she decided to pursue god.


Delia Knox Walking - Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival

Delia was in a car accident 22 year ago and lost all feeling in her legs. She has been in a wheel chair for over 22 years.

Healed from torn ligaments in his foot

He asked for prayer as he was in extreme pin from hurting his foot the other day. Doctors said he had torn some ligaments and sprained his foot.




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